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  Their performance gap is not large, but there are still some shortcomings in this process:
  1. Performance of sheet metal: the thickness of steel rod is about fl.3mm, which can not be adjusted according to the size of steel pipe. There are no other reinforcement measures, and the strength is square. When using large pipeline, the effect on air duct is slightly insufficient. In addition, due to the separation of the inner and outer surface of double-layer color steel plate, the inner plate is subjected to greater pressure, and the deion and surface irregularity of the outer plate will affect the overall performance of the pipeline. But the dryness of galvanized steel tube can be adjusted flexibly according to the specifications. Pipe tee
  2. Flange form: PVC composite flange is used for double-sided color plate ironing air duct. This kind of flange is easy to aging and has joints, which affects the air leakage hall and water from the connection into the insulation layer. Flanges are lifted into pipes to increase resistance along the way. In addition, the flange can not be connected with the fan and the unit, and the connection between the double-sided color steel pipe and the tuyere is inconvenient to handle. The angle steel of galvanized steel pipe method is 71-1 frame, the inner wall is flat tube, so that its resistance is less than double-sided coloured grid composite air duct, and the connection between fan, unit and tuyere has mature technology.
  3. Heat preservation form: double-sided stainless steel rod ironing air duct adopts sandwich heat preservation. The insulation material, thickness, filling degree, breakdown and flame retardancy of glue can not be tested. Fruit insulation layer does not penetrate water vapor, which will lead to the decay of insulation materials, which can not be replaced.
  Another double K [color steel plate composite pipe flange joint no heat preservation, good heat preservation effect. The outer layer of the double-layer color steel air duct is light aluminum plate. It is easy to form condensation in hot and humid climate, especially in the case of sandwich insulation, the local damage is particularly severe. But galvanized steel air duct has formed a mature insulation method, technology and quality have been guaranteed, the use of wood structure also overcome the common "cold bridge phenomenon", is currently in the selection of ventilation and air conditioning insulation materials, rubber insulation board is the most suitable insulation material.
  Transportation pipelines play an important role in the current load-bearing objects. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to pipeline anti-corrosion and heat preservation treatment.
  When the air duct conveys general gas, the black steel air duct should be rusted, brushed with anti-rust paint. Dust gas can be sprayed with anti-wear protective layer. When the ambient air humidity is high, the external wall of the air duct should be treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Phosphating primer or other anticorrosive coating should be sprayed on the inner wall of galvanized steel duct conveying high temperature and humidity gas. When the air duct conveys high temperature gas or low temperature air, the outer wall of the air duct should be treated with heat preservation (cold heat preservation).
  The purpose of high temperature gas pipeline insulation is to prevent the heat loss of air in the pipeline (which occurs in central air conditioning system in winter). In addition, it prevents heat from radiating into the room when conveying waste heat steam or high temperature gas, which can raise the indoor temperature and prevent people from being scalded by contacting air ducts. In summer, when the gas temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the surrounding air, dew point will be formed on the outer wall of the pipeline. The air duct of central air-conditioning system will increase the loss of refrigeration capacity. Condensed water droplets will pollute the ceiling and wall floors, so thermal insulation should also be carried out.
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